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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 1:35 pm

Tethelin Elf Druid Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Dawnseer Mistwielder
Dawnseer Mistwielder wants you to get an Evergreen Tunic. Merchant Whitepaw will sell you one for nothing.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Dawnseer Mistwielder
Dawnseer Mistwielder sends you to Lirinia Starfire. She then sends you to Spiritmaster Alyrik who binds you and sends you to Coachman Zaris.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Lirinia Starfire
Lirinia Starfire wants you to go get her 2 snake scales. These drop from grass snakes just down the ramp.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Salithal Grassweave
Salithal will make you a weapon if you fetch her the following items:
Bough of Wood - Purchase from Derinthal the Bowyer
Strip of Leather - Purchase from Merchant Efreya
Ruined Bat Wings

Level 5
Starting NPC: Dawnseer Mistwelder
Dawnseer asks you to track down the Hatebone Orc Thieves and retrieve the Elddar Seeds they stole. They spawn across the bridge along the path from town.

Level 7
Starting NPC: Dawnseer Mistwelder
1. Talk to Dawnseer Mistwelder, who sends you to kill the tree eating wasp. Head along the coast Northward. Go pass about 2 hills. Kill the tree eater and get Tree Eater's leg.

Level 10
Quest NPC Dawnseer Mistwielder
1. Talk to Dawnseer, he sends you to Fibble Gearcharmen, who is located at Kara Village and is on the right side of the town.

2. Fibble sends you to kill three orc thieves south of his location in Kara Village. Kill, loot device, return to Fibble.

3. Fibble sends you to Gligbin Gearcharmer in Klik'Anon, who is located after the bridge and guard tower on the right on a wall, and he needs 197 tunar.

4. Gligbin sends you to kill Hatebone Witchdoctor, in a cave near fayspire. Kill, loot resin, return Gligbin, return to Fibble.

5. Fibble sends you back to Dawnseer.

Level 13
Quest NPC Dawnseer Mistwielder
1. Talk to Dawnseer, who sends you to Siltha in the little elf town north of Tethelin.

2. Siltha sends you to kill some royal guard wasps for four of their wings. The wasp nest is near Tethelin.

3. Siltha sends you to kill a orc gatewatcher, found in Thedruk cave, inside and right near the entrance. Kill, loot spyglass, return Siltha.

4. Siltha sends you to kill Vitsh Sah, his tomb is north of Thedruk cave. Kill, loot skull, return Siltha. Vitsh Sah will have two skeely guards with him, and you may need to kill him a few time to get the drop.

Level 15
Quest NPC Dawnseer Mistwielder
1. Talk to Dawnseer, she sends you to Overseer Evief, who is on a barge northeast of Fayspire

2. Overseer Evief sends you to Diren Village to talk with Dorrun Hammerfist. Diren Village is located West of Moradhim.

3. Dorrun Hammerfist sends you to kill a bear called Trapmaw(CONs DB), who is located South of Diren Village along the small river that runs behind the Village. Kill, loot, return to Dorrun. Return to Overseer Evief.

4. Overseer Evief sends you to Freeport to talk with Hardlin. Freeport is located to the South-East from Fayspire. Travel East from Fayspire, past Kara Village, Klick Anon to Rouge Clockworks, till you reach the shoreline. Then travel South, along the shoreline past Neriak, Nektulos, Bobble-by-Water, Hodstock and Temby to Freeport.

5. Hardlin sends you to kill a Nasahir Sandcaster, who is located to the South in Northern Ro. Follow the road, and the bandit camp will be on the East side of the road behind some hills. Kill, loot, return.

6. Overseer Evief sends you to kill Pirate Mason, who is located east of Fayspire, in Rouge Clockworks zone, and on the shore. You can find Mason by circling around to the back of the camp, by going west around the camp. He is standing alone by a single big rock. Kill, loot, return Evief.

Level 20
Starting NPC: Dawnseer Mistwielder
1. Talk to Dawnseer, he will send you to Yiprew Yuprew in Kara Village. You may want to bind in Kara! Head east to Kara Village, Yiprew is next to a well.

2. Yiprew Yuprew sends you to kill Thailav'yal (CONs Yel), a dark elf necromancer, north of Fayspires. He hides in a tomb under some old spires. He has necromancer';s handbook. Go to Fayspire and head North across the lake. As you see the spires in the water being erected, you should see the mountain range on the land that has 2 tall peaks. Head towards the left-hand peak and follow it around. You will end up in a sort of valley of undead. There is the crypt at the end. He has 4 undead guards. 2 dark blue and 2 light blues plus a green Decaying Guardian. Kill, loot, return to Yiprew.

3. Yiprew sends you to Snafitzer, in Snafitzer's House (SW).

4. Snafitzer sends you to Pete in a village of Chiasta. Chiasta village is directly east of Moradhim, in the Shon-to Monastery region, through the passageway in the mountainside. Pete is under the pavilion. You need 525 Tunar. Return to Snafitzer. Return to Yiprew.

5. Yiprew sends you to kill Crumbling Bones (Corpse) (CONs yel) in Collonridge Cemetery. There is a fortress in West Collonridge Cemetery; in there you will find crumbling bones. Kill, loot what your quest log says, return to Yiprew.

6. Yiprew sends you to kill a Maundering Soul (CONs 20) in Crest of the Duelists, which is near Collonridge Cemetery, to the east you should find a plateau. On top this plateau there is a tree near the side. The maundering soul spawns here. You need to kill a few to get the drop. Kill, loot, return to Yiprew.

7 Return to Dawnseer for reward.


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