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Sea of Lions Quest

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Sea of Lions Quest Empty Sea of Lions Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:54 pm

Quest Name: Sea of Lions
Level: 40+
Class: All
NPC: Kithrin
Location: Seal of Lions NW

1. Find Kithrin in a cave in a mountain in the NW part of SoL.

2. Go to the tunnels in center of zone (where the poison keeper is located for the 37 quest).

3. Kill lion guards until one drops a medallion (usually one that isn't holding a weapon will drop the medallion).

4. Return medallion to Kithrin. He says he needs 4 items from Antlions (fur, talon, poison sac, scale).

5. Find Antlion Caves. There are at least 7 -- 1 each in N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W.

6. Kill Antlions. They are level 41-42 and able to heal themselves when their life is half gone.

7. Get all the items and return them to Kithrin. Then talk with him again.

8. Go to Overseer Geesah where the lion guards are. Talk to him then kill him (red to 43).

9. Right away, the Antlion Queen spawns. Kill it.

10. Return to Kithrin and get reward.

Reward: Kithrins Charm (HP+60 POW+60 AC+15)
This quest does NOT give ANY XP.


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