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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 8:48 am

Human West Cleric Quest Walkthroughs for Levels 1-20

Level 1
Starting NPC: Vedilion Brithstar
Speak with Vedilion Brithstar, the Guildmaster. He asks you to go across the green and get a Symbol of Erollisi Marr from Merchant Colind for free. Report back to Vedilion.

Level 2
Starting NPC: Vedilion Brithstar
Vedilion Brithstar sends you to Spiritmaster Kloe, who binds you and sends you to Coachman Bilfer.
Note: go out to the Midroad and head east through the market. Continue east down the road. The stables are to the north; he is in the stables.
Report back to Vedilion.

Level 3
Starting NPC: Togue Danvers
Located in the same room as Vedilion, Togue wants you to test your strength by going out of the city and finding and slaying rats. Return to him with two cracked rat claws.
6,900xp and Minor Blessing scroll.

Level 4
Starting NPC: Togue Danvers
Togue will make you a new weapon, but you must earn it by brining him the necessary components:
Iron Ore - Purchase from Smithy Wella [near the guardhouse]
Wooden Shaft - Purchase from Merchant Biggs in the Beggar's District, at the Midroad's NE corner
Shredded Badger Hide (farm badger's until you get what you need)
Return to Togue Danvers.
17,000xp and the Acolyte's Hammer

Level 5
Starting NPC: Togue Danvers
Speak with Togue. He tells you it is the duty of the priests of Erollisi Marr to strike out against evil, including the many gnolls scattered around this world. Slay one of the gnoll leaders and bring him a muddy paw.
Darkpaw gnolls are northeast from Qeynos. Follow the road north as it curves. When you see the guardtowers, turn right to see a gnoll camp. Darkpaw gnolls con yellow/red.
36,500xp and receive the Holy Shock scroll

Level 7
Starting NPC: Vedilion Brithstar
Talk to Vedilion Brithstar, he sends you to Brother Pendle, Pendle is located in Hagley (zone: Hagley NW) in the chapel. He tells you that the residents of Hagley are having problems with undead wolves attacking the citizens. He wants you to release the spirits of the undead wolves and bring some wolf pup hides as evidence.

The wolves are randomly located south of the Hagley village (zone: Hagley W). Kill an 'undead wolf pup' and take the 'undead wolven hide', bring it to Brother Pendle. He takes the skin and gives you a notesends you back to Vedilion.
157,474xp and receive the Endure Ailment scroll and the Defender's Tunic

Level 10
Starting NPC: Vedilion Brithstar
1. Vedilion needs you to deliver a letter to defender Morlon at the Temple of Rodcet Nife.
Note: The temple is located to the south, right past the dojo of the Silent Fist. Travel the first road SE of the coachman. Continue south past the dojo and over the mountain. The temple is just past the mountain.

2. Speak to Defender Morlon, who disagrees with Vedilion's findings and wants you to slay some of the undead wolves to the NE to see if they are the same type. Return anything unusual you may find to Defender Morlon.

3. The undead wolves are very near the temple and con blue@lvl 10. Slay a plague wolf and return the stone to Defender Morlon. Plague wolves CON yel@lvl 10.

4. Take Defender Morlon's report and the temple's ooze back to Vedilion.

5. Vedilion is surprised after comparing the samples and sends you back to Defender Morlon with a letter of apology. Deliver the letter to Defender Morlon

6. Receive a small idol to take back to Vedilion.
556,753xp and receive the Battered Defender's Club

Level 13
Starting NPC: Vedilion Brithstar
Travel to Surefall Glade to help the villagers (sign the coach in Wyndhaven on the way, and the coach in SFG when you get there). Speak with Innkeeper Martha. Inkeeper Martha tells you to talk to Ranger Forwynd, he is directly in from of entrance, by the dock. He asks to purchase some string from an old lady in the forest. Take the money from Forwynd, exit Surefall Glade, and travel west from the glade to find the old woman deep in the forest.
Note: her house is difficult to find, but is surrounded by Giant Beetles, Black Widows, and various wolves. It's located in Jethro's Cast (c).

She asks you to bring her items necessary to make string:
-2 silks from Black Widows
-1 eye from Giant Beetle

These mobs spawn right near her house, and con from blue to yellow @lvl 13. You'll need to farm the mobs until they drop what you need. Bring her the materials, and she gives you string. Return to Ranger Forwynd in Surefall Glade.
550,698xp and receive the Ward Death scroll

Level 15
Starting NPC: Vedilion Brithstar
Vedilion sends you to talk to Togue Danvers. One of the guild members was sent to assist Brother Pendle, but they have had no word from him since and everyone is worried. Go east to Hagley Village [stay on the Eastern road out of Qeynos and just keep going east] and speak with Brother Pendle.

Pendle thinks Dovre and his party died in the Hagley Tomb. Travel to the Hagley Tomb in the east and search for Dovre's remains.
Note: take the path east out of town. Travel to Hagley Keep on the mountaintop. Look southeast to see the tomb.

Battle your way to the lowest level of the tomb. There are mobs in the tomb that CON yel@15. Dovre the Unfaithful is in the bottom of the tomb. If your mob isn't up, kill all other surrounding mobs until he spawns. Destroy Dovre and collect his remains. Return to Pendle, who takes the remains and gives you a note for Vedilion.

Giving Vedilion the note, he asks you go back to see Brother Pendle and collect Dovre's remains for proper burial in Melton, a village located in Druid's Watch (C).
Note: Travel south from Hagley to reach Melton Graveyard.

Upon collecting the remains from Pendle, you must take them to Grave Digger Joe, who lives in a shack in Melton. He gives you a note to take back to Togue Danvers.
883,791xp and receive the Endure Affliction scroll and the Defender's Sheild

Level 20
Starting NPC: Vedilon Brithstar
1. Talk to Vedilon Brithstar, who sends you to Captain Leighthron at Bayle Mansion in Qeynos city.

2. Captain Leighthron sends you to Lieutenant Windstalker, who is at Qeynos Prison, which is north of Qeynos. Windstalker is in a guard tower above the Prison.

3. Lieutenant Windstalker needs a prison key dropped by a guard, and eaten by a rat. You must kill prison rats (CONs Green to LB) until you find a key. Return the key to Lieutenant Windstalker, then return to Captain Leighthron in Qeynos.

4. Captain Leighthron sends you to speak with Advisor Amichevole, upstairs in the Bayle Mansion in Qeynos.

5. Amichevole sends you to find a new Dark Portal on an island near Stormhaven (Qeynos Prison zone). Travel south on the road from Qeynos to Stormhaven. Along the road south of Qeynos, the island will be easily visible. On the island you will find three (3) goblins and the portal. Enter the portal.

6. The portal sends you to a gypsy camp just north of Forkwatch (sign the coach while there). Speak with Delin Duamher. He wants you to slay the goblin responsible for summoning the portals. He sends you to the Darkwood Goblin Lair, which is in Alsop's Wall(C). If you find Alsop's wall, follow the wall till you find a steep cliff, jump down and find the entrance to the lair.

7. The "goblin summoner" is inside the Darkwood Goblin Lair, fight you way through the guards until you reach a hub type room with multiple entrances, in the room is the goblinl summoner (CONs Red@20). Plenty of goblins to kill in the area, and large aggro ranges. Kill, Loot the summoner's rune, return to Advisor Amichevole, return to Vedilon Brithstar.

You will receive 2,814,929xp and choose between:
Field Dress, gives your target a small amount of hit points quickly, and a hammer, OR
Disease Ward, your target's resistances increase significantly for a short period of time, and a mace.


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