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Captain Scilond, Anniversary Quest

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Captain Scilond, Anniversary Quest Empty Captain Scilond, Anniversary Quest

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:27 pm

Quest Name: Captain Scilond, Anniversary Quest
Level: All
Class: All
NPC: Captain Scilond
Location: Freeport

Note: If you're a lower level toon, play close attention to what the Captain NPCs tell you. If the mobs you're sent to scout are too high a level for you, the Captain NPCs will send their own scout out and forward you onto the next part of the quest.

There are 5 levels of quests:
Improved, minor, major, greater, superior
(Not sure of the level breakdown though)

1. FP - talk to Capt Scilond to the left of the coach/well, sends you to search area near where Shinlos walks (out the blacksmith exit of fp), up that big hill, you'll get pop up there, then kill 5 orcs for 5 swords, head back to Capt. These spawn green to a sixty.

2. Misty Thicket - talk to Captain Rebohl along the long wall past the Traveling Salesman (Misty Thicket [E]), sends you to search area near where the 3 pickclaw camps are, you'll get pop up there, then kill 5 goblins for 5 swords, head back to Capt. All the pickclaws now drop this sword (it only stacks to 5 which makes it a pain when farming pickclaws).

3. Halas - talk to Captain Volgo at the end of the long hallway going towards your way out of the city, sends you to search area, the giant invaders aren't too far from the Capt, run past Capt Betna, keep going past him till you see a broken rock formation, kill 5 giants, loot 5 swords, head back to Capt. (the camp is south, just slightly easty, from the tunnel (not on a hill)).

4. FW - talk to Captain Aermane, just outside city wall on the right hand side if you coached and headed outside. Aermane sends you to search area, the camp is between the Sundreel village and the cultist dungeon (a spear's throw inland (w)) . Get the pop-up, then kill 5 giants and loot 5 swords, head back to the Capt.

5. Haz - talk to Captain Balynashinask, he's at the other side of the wall, where the sand giants use to attack the guards. Sends you to search area, take the road heading north out of Hazinak, a two minute run will find a huge pile of ribs/bones on your left (glows sorta blue) (Haz N). The sand giants are there, get the pop-up, kill 5 sand giants and loot 5 swords, head back to the Capt.

6. Klick - talk to Captain Xarta, shes just on the right hand side moment you enter the city, sends you to search the area. Okay this a liitle more tricky to get pop-up:

- The popup you need is a roaming popup, much like the one you needed for Shadus' pants during the luck quest. Most have good luck getting the popup on the big hill, going towards LSM waysender.
Krono says: I can confirm the pop up is both:
* on the hill near the lsm waysender,
* a little to the se near a tree,
* and in rogue clockworks on the sw side of the walls near a tree.
My guess is that it's a roaming pop up with the possibility of appearing in more than one place at a time.
Shorte says: I've always gotten my Klick popup right outside the east gate ontop of the 1st big hill off to the left. Usually get the pop in seconds just running around the top (usually on eastern/lsm side of the top).

Now for the 5 swords, you need to run where you got your lv 17 klick quest mob Diedre (Rogue Clockworks C), kill 5 deadly corrosions, loot 5 swords and head back to Capt.

7. HP - talk to Captain Maehler stands next to tree just outside the gate where the pickclaws attack the guards. Sends you to search the area, pop up is at the pickclaw camp on the left side hill, with the 4 pickclaws. Kill 5, and loot 5 swords, head back to Capt.

8. FP - talk to Capt. Scilond again, gives you "Token of Superior Benediction", take this token to the monk named "Rianba Oschba" can spawn in any of the cities named above. You now have 4 choices for your reward when you talk to Rianba.

****This quest is repeatable and the tokens stack to (25)***

Note from Petz and Bllast: Seek out Niafi in the clerics guild in fp. The dev's changed the original rewards, so if you speak with Niafi, he will give you a token for which ever weapon/item you got previously so that you can trade the token in for the dev upgraded rewards.

Locations; Rianba Oschba

FP: Roams the "main tunnel" in freeport ( between the mage, warrior, and bard guilds)

Misty thicket: Opposite side of the wall from captain.

Halas: In the big exit/entrance "tunnel"

Forkwatch: Roams not far from coach

Haz: Roams near captain

Klick: He was wandering around the entrance into the bank area (past the bridge) and right by the little room from bridge area to market.

HP: Roams from captain to church area.


All items cost 0 to repair. These listed rewards are for higher level toons. If a lower level toon completes this quest they will be compensated by a level specific item (klick sticks for all levels proc well).
Stellarsublime says that rewards are levels: 1, 16, 31, 41, 51

Freeport: Rianba Oschba roams in the main hall of FP. Lvl 30ish can chose from:Shield of Goblin Fear, Leviathin, Goblin Bleeder)

1. Sword - Superior Orchander: Dmg 590, 1hs, Secondary, 11k hp, Dur 50, All/tank/melee (no monk), NTL, 56 STR, -20 INT
"This sword makes you feel as strong as an orc. Unfortunately, it also makes you feel as intelligent as one."
Procs 590 FR, fairly low proc rate.

2. Wand - Superior Orcmind Wand: Dmg 295, 1hb, Secondary, 11k hp, Dur 50, All/hlr/cstr, lvl 51, NTL, 25 WIS, 25 INT
"When you wield this wand, you feel imbued with greater wisdom and intelligence."
Procs self buff "Superior Orcmind" which seems to reduce all incoming damage to 1, also seems to last multiple attacks up to a total of around 1000 damage then the buff drops, reduced a rogues lvl 60 Wound (4400 damage) to 1, then buff dropped. 15 sec duration if you dont take any damage, low proc rate.

3. Potion - LV 51, All/All, Male Orc Illusion - stacks to (12), duration 30 mins. Gives effect "Superior Orcish Brutality", 45 STR, 60 AC

4. Ring - LV 51, All/All, NTL, 30 Dex, 125 HPMax.

Misty Thicket: Rianba roams on opposite side of the Gate Wall from the captain, near the buildings

1. Axe - 590dmg 1hs tank/melee (no monk) 24agi 24dex. Procs AC debuff of 320 for 18 sec.

2. Staff - Superior Staff of Goblinfire: Secondary, 11k hp, 50 dur, 590 dmg, 1hb, fr 25, procs 590 FR, lvl 51, NTL, Tank/Healer/Melee, high proc rate.

3. Potion - Potion of Superior Goblin FlighStacks to 12, All/All, lvl 51, "This potion will increase your agility and dexterity." Gives illusion of Male Pickclaw Goblin "Superior Goblin Flight" which adds 25 AGI and 25 DEX and SoW, Lasts for 30 mins.

4. Shield - Superior Shield of Goblinfear:
11k hp, 50 dur, All (no caster, no monk), lvl 51, NTL, 538 ac, 30 AGI, lvl 51
"This shield increases your agility." This shield scales to 590 AC at level 60. (one of the best shields available for healers)
TY to Psychokillaz, Psychopathic Rydaz, CLW for pointing out this was not an All/All shield

Halas: Rianba roams in the main hall of Halas, near the Captain.

1. Dagger - Superior Frosted Stinger: All/Non-Healer, level 51, NTL, 590 Dmg, Dur 50, 1HP, 11k hp, Secondary, no stats, "This dagger is cold to the touch, especially at it's sharp point.", Procs CR debuff of -100 for 18 seconds. Low proc rate.

2. Hammer - Superior Crusher: 858 DMG, 2hb, 11k hp, 50 dur, All/All, lvl 51, NTL, 25 CR, "This hammer's crush leaves you cold and dazed.", Procs CR debuff of -100 for 18 seconds. Low proc rate.

3. Belt - Superior Belt of Eternal Ice: All/All, lvl 51, 11k hp, 50 dur, NTL, 25 STA, 25 AC, 25 CR, "Anyone who touches this belt on the wrong side gets a cold and nasty shock." DS of 50 assuming CR based.

4. Potion - Superior Frostshade: Max stack 12, All/All, lvl 51, "This potion increases your cold and fire resistances as well as healing some damage when you drink it." adds 90 CR, 90 FR, 1500 insta heal, lasts 30 mins.

Forkwatch: Rianba roams in the main courtyard of the castle.

1. Mace - Superior Smasher: Dmg 590, 1hb, Secondary, 11k hp, Dur 50, All/non-caster, lvl 51, NTL, 25 STR, 25 STA, 110 HP MAX, "This mace makes you feel powerful and strong.", proc 590

2. Totem - LV 51, Castor/Healer, NTL, 75 AC, 25 Wis/Cha/Int.

3. Potion - Superior Potion of Vigilant Spirits: Stacks to 12, All/All, lvl 51, "This potion increases your intelligence, charisma and hitpoints upon its consumation." Gives effect "Superior Potion of Vigilant Spirits", 30 Int, 30 Cha, 450 HP Max, 30 min duration.

4. Earring - LV 51, All/All, NTL, 16 Sta/Dex/Wis, 75 Pow.


1. Lance - Superior Brobdingnagian: Dmg 858, 2hp, 11k hp, Dur 50, All/tank/melee (not monk), lvl 51, NTL, HP Max 245, "The name of this weapon alone causes enemies to want to take you down." Taunt proc?

2. Shortsword - Superior Dustblade: Dmg 590, 1hs, Secondary, 11k hp, Dur 50, All/Tank/Melee (not monk), lvl 51, NTL, HP Max 120, FR 25, "This sword makes your attacks stronger from within, while making you more tolerant of fire.", proc gives self buff "Dust Haze" 90 seconds, CR animation, seems to increase melee damage while buff is on, maybe offensive mod buff. Low proc rate.

3. Shield - Superior Swirling Sand Shield: 11k hp, Dur 50, All/All, lvl 51, NTL, POW 210, AC 210, "This shield draws it's power from desert sand storms. Actual AC is 230 not 210. DS Proc self buff "Superior Insight" which gives 450 POW Max for 90 seconds. Power buff does not seem to stack with most other max power buffs.

4. Potion - Superior Quench of Thirst: Max Stack 12, All/All, lvl 51, "This potion increases your stamina and dexterity, and provides an immediately refreshing wave of health." Gives "Superior Quench of Thirst" Single 1500 heal, 30 DEX, 30 STA, 30 mins. These are tradable and bankable I believe the other potions are also tradeable and auctionable wasn't checking for it on Halas or Misty Thicket, but I don't remeber seeing NT or NR on them.

Klick'Anon: Rianba wanders near the broken bridge.

1. Bow - Superior Atrophy
DMG: 847, ATT: BOW, Equip: BOW, RNG: 50, HP: 11000, DUR: 50
Race: All, Class: War Ran Pal SK Mnk Brd Rge
Level 51, No Trade Lore
Dex: 25, Wis: 25, PoT: 30
This bow increase your power recovery, dexterity, and wisdom.

2. Staff/Stick - Superior Corrosive Stick
DMG: 140, ATT: 1HB, Equip: Secondary, HP: 11000, DUR: 50
Race: All, Class: All
Level 51, No Trade Lore
This weapon has a chance to do additional poison damage.
Procs 900 PR I believe, has high proc rate guessing 50% even on CL with 55 DEX.
Note: Drabbard (Bravo Bard), in CS, says this proc is dex based. With max dex it will proc for 1150 per quad, sometimes twice per quad

3. Potion - Superior Deific Wine: Stacks to 12, All/All, lvl 51, "While increasing your poison and disease resists, the burning liquid burns your thoat as it heals." (typo in game), Single 1500 heal, gives illusion of deadly corrosion, gives effect "A Superior Deific Wine" for 3 mins, took my PR and my DR from 48 up to 315.

4) Superior Tainted Circlet
Equip: Head, HP: 11000, DUR: 50
Race: All, Class: All
Wis: 25, Int: 25, PoT: 15, POW: -125
This circlet increases intelligence, wisdom, and power recovery, while reducing your overall power level.

Highpass: Rianba roams between the market and the church, sometimes outside the east wall of the castle.

1. Sword - Superior Leviathan: Dmg 858, 2hs, 11k hp, Dur 50 (pretty crappy duration for grinding), Tank/Melee, lvl 51, NTL, 25 STR, 25 AGI, HP Max 180, "This sword increases your strengh, agility, and hitpoints."
Casters can equip this sword, but it's the 'cursed' version (-100) to all stats.

2. Knuckles - Superior Goblin Bleeder: Dmg 590, 1hb, Secondary, 11k hp, Dur 50, All/melee/monk, lvl 51, NTL, 400 HP Max, 200 AC, "Increases AC and hitpoint while making your target bleed." Procs DoT "Goblin Bleeding - Superior" which does 100 per tic for 60 seconds (10 tics, 1000 total per proc, low to medium proc rate.
NERF: Psychokillaz, CLW, tells us that the knuckles were nerfed and instead of 400hp 200ac, it is now 100hp 100ac.

3. Potion - Superior Harbinger Draught: Stacks to 12, All/All, lvl 51, NO TRADE, "This potion increases your charisma, power, and power recovery rate." Gives glowing hand icon, adds 25 CHA, seems to be 50 PoT, and maybe gives large amount of POW when you drink it (similar to 1500 heals from other potions?), 30 min duration, no effect listed on menu.

4. Necklace - Superior Goblinate - 11k hp, Dur 50, All/All, lvl 51, NTL, 25 WIS, 25 CHA, 10 PoT, "This necklace increases your charisma and wisdom as well as power over time."


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