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Stat Boost Quests

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Stat Boost Quests Empty Stat Boost Quests

Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:01 pm

Quest Name: Strength CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Goran the Strong
Location: Halas (C), in long hallway

Meet Goran the Strong in the Hallway of Halas(C) as if you were leaving the city.

Goran will ask you a series of questions testing your self-confidence and integrity. If you fail to answer the series of questions in 4 tries, he will RH you and you will have to come back.

I have saved you the trouble and these are the answers to the multiple choice questions in order as they appear.
1. I bow to no one!
2. ...
3. I am strong enough.
4. I can take anything you throw at me.
5. Cave, Bandit Hill, I got it.

He sends you off to Bandit Hills (E) (travel 1 zone east of Jared's Blight to reach Bandit Hills)
To reach the serpent cave, Follow the road east of Darvor Manor and when you reach the fork in the road, choose the left path (the signpost will tell you that this is the Runnyeye Trail). On your left you will see a lake, stay on the path and travel till you reach the end of the lake. As you near the end of the lake, look to your right and you will see a gloomy looking valley. If you enter that valley you will also see a cross with a flag marked with a skull on it. Keep traveling in that direction.

You will need to come back to this place numerous times. On the right hill is where the Old Man is located, and on the left hill is where Malisarisent the little gnome woman is.

Trial 1- Bulging Muscles
1. Go to the right mountain where the Old Man is located (you do not speak to him in Trial 1 though) and roam around near the eastern part of that mountain. You will get a pop up that will state that you are ready for the first trial of Goran, and 2 'Goran's Beast' will spawn, I believe level 25. Didn't hit for more than 5 on my GwH Ranger, and had a crit in the 200's. 2 of them spawned, medium aggro range on them (I assume based on the 3rd trial), and pretty good amount of Hp. I was only hitting them for 150-170, but weapon/spell procs and abilities hit full. Loot the 2 Beast Tail to turn BOTH in.

Return to Goran the Strong and he advances you to trial 2. Congratulations, Bulging Muscles 1(5cm cost, 10str) is now available for purchase.

Trial 2- Bulging Muscles
2. Again, you will be sent to Bandit Hills (E) to look for the Old Man on the right mountain. Speak with the Old Man and he will spawn 3 of "Goran's Beast". Once again, to a 60 they were green. I assume level 35, because their proc slowly moved up but they still had good defense (hit me for 10, I hit for 110, 300ish crit). Loot the 3 Beast Furs. Return to Goran to advance to trial 3.

Congratulations, Bulging Muscles 2(10cm, 20str) is now available for purchase.

Trial 3- Bulging Muscles
3. Again, you will be sent to Bandit Hills (E) to look for Malisarisent located on the right side of the valley mountain. Speak with her and 4 Light Blue mobs probably level 45. The medium aggro range came from this trial. I was immdeiantly attacked by 2 from behind. 500'ish critical hits, still didn't hit me for no more than 20. Loot the 4 Beast Claws and return to Goran for the final trial.

Congratulations, Bulging Muscles 3(15cm, 30str) is now available for purchase.

Trial 4- Bulging Muscles
4. Again, you will be sent to Bandit Hills(E). This time, it is to kill Goran's Pet. Speak with Lairt'tsal outside of the cave, that will spawn the mob. Then fight you way past Goran's Beasts, and take the right hand fork inside the cave. Goran's pet CONS DB@60. He isn't too bad, isn't as resistant to my melee, but has a 700 or so FR based nuke and does take some time to kill. I was not able to solo him, so I had a 60 Hero by my side to assist. Kill the pet, Loot Eye of the something.

Return to Goran the Strong and he rewards you be unlocking the final mastery of the cm line. Congratulations, Bulging Muscles 4(20cm, 40str) is now available for purchase.

Tips- Any 60 can kill if they have patience. Each mob does take a little bit to kill unfortunately, but you can basically afk till its dead because they don't run. On the last part, you don't need max FR to do it. I know he's soloable, just I couldn't do it at the time. Took me hour and a half to kill. Good Luck and I hope this helps.


There are four trials to the Strength Quest. After the successful completion of each trial, a new CM will open: Bulging Muscles 1-4. For the cost of a total of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of strength for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).


Quest Name: Stamina CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Faercis
Location: Gramash Ruins (w)

1. Talk to Faercis in Gramash Ruins (w), he is by a small pond.

2. Faercis sends you to his Baercis, who is on a hill to the south.

3. Talk to Bearcis, he has you kill waves of mobs that spawn.
There are four (4) waves of ten (10) mobs. The tenth mob has an item you need to loot.

Each of the waves will unlock a section of the CM's At level 60; 1st two waves are green, the last two waves are LB. In each wave the mobs spawn one at a time(?)

*NOTE* To unlock all four you must have 5 open spots in your quest log. When the boss "Creature" for each wave is killed you get a note in quest log and you need to loot the item it drops. When finished return to Faercis and he opens up the cms in reverse order. IE; Tells you I see you beat the lvl 50 boss I.F. 3 is now available...I see you beat the lvl 40 boss I.F. 2 is now available...-Qendywen


There are four waves to the Stamina Quest. After the successful completion of each wave, a new CM will open. For the cost of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of stamina for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).
CM Stamina:
Sta 1: 5cms, 10sta
Sta 2: 10cms, 20sta
Sta 3: 15cms, 30sta
Sta 4: 20cms, 40sta


Quest Name: Agility CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Wria Lightningfoot
Location: Hodstock/Temby Zone (C)

Okay, the questgiver is Wria Lightningfoot, a spawning/despawning NPC in Hodstock and Temby zone (C), and stands by a rock on a tall hill. There are two large rocks in this area, it is the southerly one.

If she is not up, someone is running the quest, and will not respawn until the quest is complete, or time has ran out. Please be considerate of others waiting to do the quest, as the quest will take just about 1 hour per person, one at a time. If there is a line forming, you may want to stand in it, or come back another time.

She will give you a running quest, which must be completed in a certain amount of time. You must talk to spawned NPCs in certain areas of this zone, then run back to Wria. For the last test, you must run to 4 NPCs. Each time you start the quest, you will get a "stone of agility" that gives you SoW for 2 minutes less than the quest time. Please be aware of this, or just have someone with you that has SoW.

1st test - 17 minutes 3 NPCs
2nd test - 15 minutes, 3 NPCs
3rd test - 13 minutes, 3 NPCs
Final test - 14 minutes, 4 NPCs

As they are randomly assorted to some degree, and I was not able to obtain all of the orders, I decided that making a map would be easier. Below, you will find everything you need. GL all!
Stat Boost Quests Cmagiquest
Note: All the mobs are in the Hodstock/Temby zone. Watch out, there are several were-hunters around.


There are four steps to the Agility Quest. After the successful completion of each race, a new CM will open. For the cost of a total of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of agility for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).
Avoid Danger 1 (cost 5 cms, gain 10 agility)
Avoid Danger 2 (cost 10 cms, gain 20 agility)
Avoid Danger 3 (cost 15 cms, gain 30 agility)
Avoid Danger 4 (cost 20 cms, gain 40 agility)


Quest Name: Dexterity CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Medaesis
Location: Freeport

*5000 tunar is needed for this quest

1st Trial:
Quest giver Medaesis is in Freeport south outside the north gate and to the west (west, north west of Mardtirn Poisontongue) next to a cactus (near Shinlos).

He sends you to find the the halfling Baloren in a tavern. Go to the Freeport tavern just north of the coachman, speak to Baloran on the 1st floor. Go upstairs and speak to Aldan Vas, who asks for 500 tunar (bring at least 5000 tunar for the entire 4 quests).

You're given info to find Leumas Si Taerg in Strag's Rest SE, inside a tavern just off the road. If Leumas is NOT upstairs in the tavern then first, speak with the Patron in the tavern on the first floor. He'll tell you that he has seen Leumas around, and then Leumas will spawn upstairs for you. Find and speak with Leumas upstairs and he will begin your trial. Run north, slightly west along the mountain, past the T stone, until you find 3 orange tents together in north east part of the zone. Reaver Gnoll looking mob stands in the middle of these tents, speak to him. This triggers mobs to spawn.

Note from Prettynosey, CS: To avoid getting attacked by all mobs at same time, first round:

Second round:
Third round:


All I did was start killing them randomly, until the leader spawned. Kill the leader, loot his unusable sword.

Return to Leumas Si Taerg In Strag's Rest SE, in the tavern to finish. Pay him the 4500 tunar and the first CM is now open. Remember, if Leumas is NOT up, speak with the patron on the first floor of the tavern to spawn him.

Note: it appears that on steps 5-7 only one person can have this logged at once

2nd Trial:
Speak again to Medaesis in Freeport. Sends you Serpent Hills (N), same thing as the trial in the 1st quest, speak to the gnoll. These mobs are higher (light blue to lv 40, leader was dark blue con).

Return to Medaesis in Freeport when you have defeated the leader and carry his loot.

The second CM should now be open.

3rd Trial:
Speak again to Medaesis in Freeport. He sends you to Fort Alliance (E), near the Razgut camp. Gnoll looking npc is standing by a rock close to one of the barracks. Barracks is south west of the gnoll npc.

Speak to Gnoll npc, who tells you a change in trial rules. You must defeat 6 Reavers in 1 minute or less. When the trial begins, mobs will randomly spawn, one at a time. Kill them, fast, don't loot. If you fail to kill six mobs in time, you're ported to your spiritmaster. If you succeed, you'll get a pop up stating so.

Return to Medaesis in Freeport, part three is done and the 3rd CM will now be open.

4th Trial:
Speak to Medaesis in Freeport.

If memory serves, he sends you to speak to Psahn in Highpass. To find him, exit the north gates, turn west, he's in a nook next to the fireplace outside. He sends you to Stone Watchers (C) next to a dam (wizard's port takes you very close).

At this stage I'm presuming this is a glitch, but speak to gnoll npc, similar trail as you did on 3rd quest. For me, as soon as it started, I was ported to my spiritmaster, quest log saying I had completed it. Bud of mine did, he had to kill the mobs. Either way when your quest log says you've completed the trial, return to Psahn, who sends you to Medaesis to finalize. Congrats the last CM is now open!


There are four trials to the Dexterity Quest. After the successful completion of each trial, a new CM will open. For the cost of a total of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of dexterity for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).


Quest Name: Wisdom CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Judicial Advisor Lot
Location: Hazinak

Each level of this quest requires judging two seperate cases, between two individuals for Judicial Advisor Lot. He is located along the outer Eastern wall of the evil town of Hazinak (where Gabryel was for the luck quest).

You will need deliver the item dropped by the correct "guilty" party to Lot to advance to the next "case". If you kill the wrong party (judge incorrectly), it will cost 5000 tunar to reset the "case" you are working on. To make it easier, only speak to the bolded "guilty" NPCs to save time and possible mistakes.

Quest #1:
Speak to Lot. The first case is to judge between Debo Bibin and Nanie Gibbons. Nanie is the guilty party, she is located in Bobble by Water, along the riverbank close to the coachman. Follow the river North, just outside of town by the first big tree. Speak to her, until you can specifically accuse her of poisoning the pie, which will make her red faced, thus killable. She will drop a "gown" which you will return to Lot.
The second case is to judge between Gregor Pyrely or Snidely Infernis in Highbourne. The guilty party is Gregor Pyrely, find him on the west side (dockside) of Highbourne, following the ocean bank north near the first big tree just outside of town. He will drop "Gregor's spellbook" which you will return to Lot.

You have just completed the first quest, and opened the first wisdom tp Cm line, Sage's Wit 1 (5cm cost, 10wis).

Quest # 2:
Speak to Lot in Hazinak again. The first case is to judge between two feuding ant farmers, Znib Crankshaft and Gnolan Boltratchet. The guilty party is Gnolan Boltratchet who is located in Ant colonies (S) near the black ant guard hill where the lv 37 ability quest is finished. He spawns at the base of said hill, to the East, southeast, near a boulder. He spawns with two ant guards, speak to him, and kill him to get "Gnolan's ant brander" which will be turned into Lot.
The second case is to find the missing gnome named Rizik Flangletoggle. The two parties to judge are his brother Nizen Flangletoggle and the troll Ugmar Malgus, who is accused of eating Rizik. The guilty party for Rizik being missing is his brother Nizen, who you will confront in Neriak (C), north of the coach and about 10% east, just out of town on a small hill with a big rock and a mushroom (near the firebat valley). Nizen will drop "Nizen's cog" which you will take to Lot.

This will complete the quest and open the 2nd wisdom tp Cm line, Sage's Wit 2 (10cm cost, 20wis).

Quest #3:
Speak to Lot. The first case is to judge between two enchantresses, Esmirique and Snylvia, fighting over a man, Drake Fairheart. Esmirique is the guilty party, she is located in Qeynos (SW), along the ocean, south of town, 2 trees south of the poacher's camp. Esmirique will drop "Esmirique's staff" which will be given to Lot.
The second case is to judge between Dragoon Tyr'win in Green Rift or Necromancer Warpheus (guilty party) in Collenridge Cemetary (C), the elder's tomb. Go through the west gate enterance and head East / North till you find the Necro. He is in the same section as "crumbling bones", and has the pet "Rover" beside him. He will spawn a ancient death to fight, and Rover will attack as well. He will drop "Warpheus's ring" to deliver to Lot.

This will complete the quest, and open the 3rd wisdom tp Cm line, Sages Wit 3 (15cm cost, 30wis).

Quest #4:
Speak to Lot. The first case is to judge a bar tab dispute between bartender Chipo and patron Brunsgill in Mordahim (E). They are right next to the coach, Chipo in the mining pit, and Brunsgill on the near, S, edge of the pit. Brunsgill is the guilty party, judge him, and kill him. He is a tough little dwarf to kill, fortunately he doesn't hit hard. He will drop "Brunsgill's favorite mug" which will be returned to Lot.
The second case is to judge between two zombies, Zombie #18 and Zombie #22 who are both claiming a specific area to hunt adventurers. It is found that Zombie #22 is at fault, he can be found and killed next to the PoD portal house, outside the fence, opposite the necrologists in the Dead Hills zone. Return the drop to Lot.

This will complete the final quest and open up the 4th wisdom tp Cm line, Sages Wit 4 (20cm cost, 40wis).


There are four trials to the Wisdom Quest. After the successful completion of each trial, a new CM will open Sages Wit 1-4. For the cost of a total of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of wisdom for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).


Quest Name: Intelligence CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Inquiladius Expica
Location: Druids Watch (s)

Questgiver is Inquiladius Expica located in Druid's Watch (S), south and west of the town near road.

Part 1
Speak with Inquiladius Expica, and he gives you four riddles to solve:
1) On and on with I between.
You can purchase the ONIONS from Farmer Moegar in town (1200 tunar).
2) Next, what has four fingers and a thumb, but is not made of flesh, fish, bone, or fowl
You'll need to obtain a GLOVE from the bandits in the hills of the same name (the bandits camp by DM)
3) Finally, my life can be measured in hours. I serve by being devoured. Thin, I am quick, fat I am slow. When I am aglow, wind is my foe.
You must collect a candle from the goblins that are freezing in a cave (the cave that connects Halas to CLW).

Once you've collected all the items, return to Inquiladius Expica and the first tp CM for Intelligence will open (5cm cost, 10int).

Note: To continue Inquiladius will require 2500 tunar to continue.

Part 2
1) First, you're told to pass the person in second place in a drunken footrace through Freeport. To do this, go to the Nasehirs in Al'Farak Ruins. Bring back a medal representing the place you would finish in if you did not advance further or regress.
You need to loot one SILVER medal (ntl)
2) Second, you have twenty apples and oranges. Your groupmate, Elizi has twelve. She has half as many oranges as she does apples. Between the two of you, you have an equal amount of oranges and apples. You and Elizi eat the same amount of oranges and she finds that she has eaten all of hers. Bring me the amount of oranges you ate from Farmer Moegar. He's got bags of various quantities waiting for you.
Farmer Moegar: 4 oranges = 4000 tunar
3) Third, some orcs are discussing their levels. The orc hunter is twice the level of the orc pawn. The orc mystic is four times the level of the orc hunter. When the orc pawn gains five levels, he will be one third of the orc mystics current level. What level is the orc pawn? Loot a number of deathfist pawn belts signifying this level.
Deathfist Reavers, Slayers, Prophets: 3 crude deathfist belts (ntl)

Once you've collected all the items, return to Inquiladius Expica and the second tp CM for Intelligence will open (10cm cost, 20int).

Part 3
The encryted names of the town you must visit are Feswes Nepus, Cmedixevis, Hispves Nopit, and Lese Wommehi. There is one person in each town you must speak with.
One is a dwarf, one is a gnome, one a human, and the last is an elf.

You'll need to bring Inquiladius a ring, a note, a rune, and a pouch. The names of the ones waiting for you are Cylen, Kibenza, Sawise, and Grunnie.
You'll need to guess their name and what they have. Guess incorrectly and you'll have to return to me to reset the game.
The human is not named Grunnie. Grunnie is no longer welcome in Lese Wommehi.
The individual with the rune is of a short race.
Sawise could not place the item in question on her finger easily, but the one in Feswes Nepus could.
Neither Cylen or Kibenza have the note, nor does the individual in Feswes Nepus.
Cylen has the pouch, and has never been to Lese Wommehi. Kibenza is not very tall.
Feswes Nepus = Darvor Manor = Dwarf (left from coach by fence) = Grunnie = Ring
Cmedixevis = Blackwater (close to Corliss by fence) = Elf = Cylen = Pouch
Hispves Nopit = Gertars Mines (east from coach by merchants) = Gnome = Kibenza = Rune
Lese Wommehi = Kara Village (south of west entrance by tree) = Human = Sawise = Note

Once you've collected all the items, return to Inquiladius Expica and the third tp CM for Intelligence will open (15cm cost, 30int).

Part 4
Inquiladius Expica now asks you to spend some time in Dshinn's Redoubt in the undead town area. When you believe you are familiar with the place, let me know.
Note: Dshinns Redoubt really has nothing to do with completing this section - you don't have to visit that zone at all. Simply speak to Inquiladius a second time to continue the quest.

Walk 10-15 steps to the north of Inquiladius and speak with Demetricus whe you are ready to begin the memory test. You have 30 seconds to answer correctly, answer wrong, you die.

Answers to the ten questions are as follows:
Krystal Lear
Tommy Lear

Congrats! now the fourth tp Intelligence CM will be open (20cm cost, 40int).

It is worth noting that Dshinns Redoubt zone has nothing to do to complete part 4. You do not have to visit that zone at all. Simply just speak to the NPC: Inquiladius Expica a second time after intially starting part 4. Then walk about 10-15 steps or so north of NPC: Inquiladius Expica and speak to Demetricus Olious to answer the questions.


There are four trials to the Intelligence Quest. After the successful completion of each trial, a new CM will open. For the cost of a total of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of intelligence training points for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).


Quest Name: Charisma CM Statistic Boost
Level: 20-60
Class: Any
NPC: Sylanthia De'Crevast
Location: North Kithicor (ne)

Quest 1:
Speak to the questgiver, Sylanthia De'Crevast, in north kithicor (NE) - on a hill just east of the wild griffawns. She wants you to help out Yiggua who is in the Grobb area.
Yiggua is standing just off the path just north of the little outpost just outside of Grobb. She says she screwed up with the man she loves. Answer her questions that compliment her and she'll tell you to go talk to this guy. He is a shadowknight, but is said to be a warrior type - He doesn't like anyone knowing about the letters - He doesn't like people who forget - He always wants to eat froglok legs with drawn butter.
Head east and around the mountain to the beach to find Shuglug. Be careful of the responses or you will have to start over:
- You look sad. Want to talk?
- Maybe your...friend is mistaken.
- Maybe she was afraid "he" wouldn't like her
- Really? Ok. Your secret is safe.
- Why don't you give her another chance?
- Maybe if you tell me her name...
- Maybe I know her. I could tell you what I know.
- No one.
- I do happen to know her, actually.
- No, but she was sad about something.
- She did say she missed an important meeting of sorts.
- She said she was sick.
- She's shy and isn't feeling good about herself.
- How about froglegs and butter?
- It's a delicacy around Norrath.

Go see Farmer Rulug in Kerplunk Outpost (go north along the lake's coast to find him). You can either pay 100,000 tunar for the butter or do a favor
- Hunt hearty boars in the western areas of Spider Mines and return with 3 stunned boars - Slaughter wildlife along the river west of Ruddish the Devout until the hearty boars spawn - Hearty boars don't always drop what you need - Once you have all 3, return to Farmer Rulug in Kerplunk.
Once you have the butter by either way, return to Shuglug.

Return to Yiggua to tell her of the good news, then return to Sylanthia to unlock the first CM (5cms, 10cha).

Quest 2:
Speak to the questgiver, Sylanthia De'Crevast, in north kithicor (NE).
Find Fripz and Frapz in Oggok Gate (ignore the Moggok Gate in the quest log)
- Fripz is in Oggok Gate (S) - be very careful in your responses - What did the big meanie do?
- While it is quite rude, it's not worth death...
- That's not very nice. But still, not worth a fight.
- A mockery?
- I see you're upset, but it doesn't have to end this way
- Go talk to Frapz
- Frapz is in Oggok Gate (NE)
- Go to the NE until you find a bunch of ponds/lakes; On side of hill in the middle of a bunch
- Um...no. That's the kind of thing we need to talk about.
- Funny...uh...sure. But not always appropriate
- It could be funny. But only at the proper time.
- That's what Fripz is objecting to.
- Among other things, yes.
- I think you went too far that time.
- Back to Fripz - Yes. Let's try and negotiate
- Of course not. Let's work this out.
- Indeed, but aren't you fighting for freedom?
- That sounds awful. What would they do?
- So, you couldn't have any fun. Right?
- Maybe they feel you're oppressive too.
- Back to Frapz
- Brother. That's a nicer way to refer to him.
- Maybe both of you need to reach a middle ground.
- Has it's time and place
- But not when you're planning your attack
- What if I could get him to apologize for that?
- Back to Fripz
- Maybe you have both done some regretful things
- Yes, but you said some awful things after
- He's more hurt by it than you know
- He deserved it after what he did to you
- But he said he was sorry. Maybe you should too
- He did say he was sorry.
- He was absolutely serious
- Write that you're sorry only if he's sorry
- Back to Frapz
- I have the note you requested. With an apology
- Well, not exactly
- He said he's sorry if you're sorry too
- You did say you felt bad about the incident

Now back to Fripz then back to Sylanthia to open up the second CHA CM (10cm, 20cha).

Quest 3:
Speak to the questgiver, Sylanthia De'Crevast, in north kithicor (NE).
She wants you to get a ring back for her from someone in The Last Inn near Hatespike. She says he is too powerful to slay, so maybe you can find another way to get the ring.
Speak to Sweggy inside the Last Inn - If he isn't up, then wait for him to respawn
- Yumi. Let me get you a drink.
- Buy him a drink from the Bartender for 400 tunar
- Talk to Sweggy again
- Sure anything. I might need your help too
- Sure, I'll get you another beer
- You may have to pay Bartender another 400 tunar, but I still had the drink from last time in my inventory, so give it to Sweggy - He'll say he is going home, but will still be there
- Get him another beer the same way before and you should get options to say something
- Now that I've done you a favor...
- I need you to give me the ring you have
- He'll want you to pay off his bar tab
- Talk to the Bartender until he tells you that he won't settle for just the tunar
- You offer to bring him a platinum sapphire ring
- Get a jeweler to craft you a platinum sapphire ring, then give that and the 6,700 tunar to the Bartender
- Speak to Sweggy again and it seems he has lost the ring
- He figures someone in the bar has stolen the ring and there are three culprits
- Speak to the Bartender, Waitress Jitzie and Roerx, who will each tell you a bit of a story
- After you hear each person's story (can only hear them once), speak to Sweggy again and tell him who you think stole it
- If you guess wrong, you'll have to fork over 12,000 tunar
- The Bartender was the one who stole it, so pick that option.
Once Sweggy respawns, talk to him and he'll give you the ring.

Return to Sylanthia with the ring and she'll open up the third CHA CM (15cm, 30cha).

Quest 4:
Speak to the questgiver, Sylanthia De'Crevast, in north kithicor (NE).
- Speak to Agead and he'll ask you to help him write his speech (Agead is out the back door of fp, at NE corner)
- You'll be given choices to help make his speech
- Keep the taxes the same
- Routine checks on the guards and fire the lazy ones
- Hire mercenaries
- Throw a bazaar or festival (something like that)
- Once you pick the choices, head back to Syl to see how the speech went
- The above choices got me great feedback
- Unfortunately, there are still people who oppose it and a rebellion is forming
- Travel to Northern Ro and speak with the rebel leader Aryee to try some negotiations
- Know that you must get rid of them by any means necessary and have to bring back Aryee's staff to Syl
- She is in Northern Ro (W), on top of a hill next to a set of stone markers
- Be ready for a tough fight, may want to move away from Aryee as you're talking to her
- Move towards south down the hill as you're talking to her
- Three waves of mobs will spawn...a channeler, sorcerer and a crusader in each wave
- After the third wave, an attackable Aryee will spawn in a few (dark blue, LH, quads, lots of HP)
- You don't have to kill the other mobs and they are not linked, so you can pull Aryee alone very easily

Bring Syl back the staff and she'll unlock the 4th, and final, CHA CM (20cms, 40cha).


There are four trials to the Charisma Quest. After the successful completion of each trial, a new CM will open. For the cost of a total of 50 CMs, you can buy 100 points of Charisma training points for your character (remember, this CM line does NOT affect Maxes).


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