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The Wailing Ghost Broken Blade Quest

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The Wailing Ghost Broken Blade Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 9:58 pm

Quest Name: Wailing Ghost-Broken Blade quest
Level: 60
Class: All
NPC: Wailing Ghost
Location: Zaoran Plateau

This quest forms part of the Broken Blade mystery

Note: If you are doing the Broken Blade mystery you can log the Wailing Ghost |Garlic Trinket| quest at the same time you log this quest. You will eventually need the Garlic Trinket from that quest to advance. While you're up in zp, farm yourself the blood vial from the bolash bats now. You will need it later when you go to log the Unnamed Champion.

Note: If you're evil, getting to some of these locations is a pain. Consider deathgating at Grimm to save yourself a subsequent run out there [don't forget to take the boat to bogman village, it's a bit easier than running from ZK]. Use a wizard to help port you if possible. Desert Hate portal is very close to Dshinn's.

1. Go to Zaoran Plateau. Straight north from where you port in, is a little cemetary. It's here you can find the Wailing Ghost roaming around. When you speak with him, he'll give you two options, for this quest, you want to chose the option "I was hoping you had some information for me" (the other option is to log the Wailing Ghost - Garlic Trinket quest). The Wailing Ghost then tells you to see him again in a minute. Nothing else will happen, but if you check your quest log, you'll see it tells you to go and see Grimm Brellhand.
(Note: you don't need the broken blade in your inventory at this point, but you will need it or the crafted soul in order for Grimm to talk to you in part 2 below.

2. Head to Grimm Brellhand in Gramash Ruins (s). Grimm will give you an etching of the inscription on the broken blade and sends you back to speak to the wailing ghost. If you're evil, you may want to deathgate here as you'll need to come back and see Grimm in step 4.
The etching says: You will know the time when you need it. Do not be caught without it. When the time is right you will know what to do. You will need this. Keep it close to you at all times.
Important note: DO NOT LOSE/DELETE THE ETCHING. If you do so you will not be able to complete this quest and it cannot be relogged!

Note from Daemaas (nov 6/08): Even though the quest specifically said to keep the etching, for those of you that deleted it, please send a ticket into CS. They are looking into seeing if they can tell whether or not you've had the etching previously, and whether or not you got the reward. For those that have not received the reward yet, you "should be able to get your etching back. However, I say "should" because it is CS that makes policy for reimbursement. It will ultimately be their decision on whether to reimburse or not.

3. Return to ZP, speak again with the Wailing Ghost. This time you are sent to Dshinns Redoubt (c) to speak with the giant skeleton (Yarn Blackport) inside the same round room as you found the Council of Watchmen, in the undead village.

4. Yarn tells you something about no turning back once you've made a choice, and tries to translate the inscription but instead tells you to see Grimm Brellhand about it (runaround!). Head back to Grimm in Gramash Ruins and he seems totally surprised that you have the inscription. He sends you back to Dshinn's to talk to Teacher Heather Johns. There's some talk about Mayong Mistmoore, information about an invasion and overall, they mention a great power/danger/force but don't tell you what it is.

5. Find Heather John's in Dshinn's Redoubt (c) in the schoolhouse. You be sent to Murnf to talk to Keneto Barillo in the smaller inn, north of the of the coach. Talk to him, and he tells you to talk to Torgius Bullow there in murnf (same guy you talk to for the lucky stone quest).

6. Speak with Torgius, and he'll send you back to Dshinn's to speak again with Heather Johns. She tells you the translation of the broken blade as follows:
Original Inscription - "Ith na elem kabar. Resilan bolash ith na elem. Gra lisa embek." Translation Given - "With the lava blade. Oil from a bolash in the lava. I will embark/appear."
She will give you your reward.


Reward was 25,000 XP (no Boon/luck), 25K tunar and:

You recieve "Elem Kabar Resilan" (TY SarrlockeDK) which is a small red vial - same graphic as viscous vampire blood. Don't worry, she will not take the broken blade, from your inventory.

Remember, keep the Resilan Blood & your etchings safe in order to complete the Broken Blade Mystery.


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