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Gator Were Quest

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Gator Were Quest

Post by Ronson on Tue Jul 27, 2010 10:07 pm

Quest Name: Gator Were Quest
Level: 30
Class: All
NPC: Lis Boglurker
Location: Black Water
Tail NPC: The Bone Cruncher in Dinbak SE

Speak with Lis Boglurker in Black Water. She will tell you of her sorrows and the loss of her father. She will ask you to assist her in determining what fate has befallen him. To do so, travel west from BW into Widow's Peak (E) There you will find three tents occupied by Ivander Yaroslav, Isabella Yuroslav and Dimitri Yaroslav. Speak with them and return to Lis. She will ask you to again return to them. When you do so they will despawn and reappear as KoS and the same level as the person who triggered them. One mob is a caster, the other two melee.

Defeat them and return to Lis. She will then send you to speak with Yolanda Ribisi in Oasis. Speak with her, then return to Lis, who will now send you to see the Bone Crusher in Dinbak (SE).

Bone Crusher sends you seek out the two notorious gatorweres Unga and Daraznak Vekiz in Hazinak (NW). Look for two small tents just north of a camp of troll crusuaders. There you will find the two mobs. After you have spoken with them they will despawn and reappear KoS. One will con light blue to the person who triggered them, one white. Defeat them and return to Yolanda in Oasis, then back to the Bone Crusher.

Now you are given the tail part of the quest. Do so and start farming the appropriate level gatorwere until you receive the infection pop-up.

Don't leave the infection part until later! The sooner you start the easier it is to find gatorwere's that spawn yellow to you. Killing a yellow is critical to getting infected. Yes, it's possible to get your infection from light blues, and reds, but the percentage chance of getting infected from a yellow is huge in comparison. So, if you're finding were's that spawn too small for you, try a different zone. Also, don't have bigger toons in the group with you (ie. at lvl 30, don't have a lvl 60 in your "group" helping). You can be healed/pacted from outside the group and this will not affect your chance of infection, but having higher lvl toons in your group when you kill the mob will.

For infection, killing weres that con YELLOW to you is key. Yellow conned weres give you the greatest chance of infection. Check your level against the zone information below and then ensure the are you are hunting Yellow Conned were's, otherwise you will only benefit from faction. If you are already infected, and faction is all you need, it is obviously easier to hunt in a lower level zone.

On having a level 60 in a group of lvl 30's: There was always a rumour that having a higher level toon in your group to help with the killing would mean your chances of infection would drop almost to nil. Well here's come good information:
Dustyspheres tells us: The rumor that having a level 60 in your low level group affects your chance of infection just isn't true in my experience. The last 9 infections I've gotten or helped get were all with the toons in one group, invised and on Auto-follow. These toons range from 33-39 and were on AF with a 60 bard that did all of the killing. All they did was loot tails and they still got infected. Some were in just a few kills and most were infected before anyone even had the required 1k faction to accept the infection.

"Were" to get infected

Level 30-40
Dinbak (confirmed)
Stone Watchers (lvl 35 - confirmed)
Lake Noregard (S)
Lvl 35-40: Dustyspheres recommends trying the southern direction of the town of Blackwater (Brog Fens S/SE).

Level 40-50
Lake Noregard (E, W, C in lake)
Cazic Thule
Brog Fens (Blackwater, head west, lvl 40-45 TY Dustyspheres)
Mila's Reef
South Barren Coast (were's con YEL @47,48,49)

Level 50-55
South Barren Coast
(were's con LB@60, but are so lb as to be almost green; almost impossible to get infected in SBC@60)

Level 60
The Hunt (lvl 60 - confirmed)

You can get infected anywhere between 0 and 1700 faction, but cannot complete the 'infection process' until your faction is eqal to or exceeds 1000 (see note below).
Note: you can also check for infection in Oasis. Go to the campfire near the water, severl npc's stand around it. Advisor Gerahl checks for general infection (ie. have you been infected by ANY were whatsoever). Advisor Brunjo checks specifically for gator infection.

After you have become infected (see note below) the Bone Cruncher will ask you to defeat Julian in Dinbak (NW) He is a triggered mob. Look for a raised mound surrounded by a glowing mist. The mob will con red to the person who triggers it. It is advised you bring help. Return to the Bone Cruncher after you have defeated him.

Note: you will know you are infected because as you approach Bone Cruncher on his island, you will receive a 'popup' that he something urgent to discuss with you.

Note: If Bone Cruncher indicates you are infected but you cannot move forward with your quest remember: you must have 1000k faction in order to complete your were quest (go hunt more were's!). If you have this faction and he still won't talk to you, then try deleting the tails quest and speak with Bone Cruncher again.
-Next, when Levandius does give you his speech Do NOT take the antidote, or you lose your infection. Do NOT continue to hunt tails.

The following stats are at level 60. The first form is a quest reward and is level 30. The second form costs 50 cms and is a level 40 spell. The third form costs 25 and is a level 50 spell.

Gatorwere Feral Gatorwere

Str 45 80 120
AC 80 130 150
HPs 0 300 350
Int -16 -25 -50
Int resistable with Max AR

Level 40 Spell Quest

Warning: It is my general belief now that many of the level 40 spell quest mobs are triggered and not on spawn timers. If this assumption is correct, that means if someone happens to defeat the mobs before you reach it you will not be able to complete the quest unless you relog your quest with your NPC! It is recommended that you scout the spawn location before triggering the mob to assure no one is camping your spawn.

Speak with the appropriate class specific NPC on Crocosaurus's island in Lake Noregard. They will ask you to speak with NPCs in Fort Alliance (SE) and the Taksehir city in the Great Waste. After you have completed those tasks you will be asked to defeat the Gypsy Treheart near the cemetery in the Burial Mounds (S). This is a triggered mob so it is suggested that you check the area first to insure that no one is camping your spawn. Treheart’s level is determined by the level of the person who triggers him. Ideally he will con white. Defeat him and return to your quest NPC.

The NPC now sends you to defeat the wolf Nullo in Sycamore Joy's Rest (N). He too is a triggered mob which appears on the side of the mountain west of the Teir'dal guards. Return to quest NPC and collect your reward.


Growl of Battle
War Sk Pal
67 Str/Sta grp buff at lvl 60

Reptillian Frenzy
Rge Mnk Ran Brd
120 Sta/Agi self-buff

Reptilian Gaze
Cl Sha Drd
107 cha self-buff at level 60

Swamp Vines
Nec Mage Wis Enc Alc
Aoe root


On the gator quest I have seen many many people try and hunt them in the wrong parts of stonewatchers and waste a whole lot of time and effort. For those looking to hunt the low lvl gatorweres make sure you hunt them on the west side of the river that runs up from the southern ocean up through the zone and eventually runs into lake noregard. Gatorweres do not spawn on the east side of the river, i have seen many many people spend hours on end killing bull alligators trying to get one to spawn on the east side of the river.

The best spot is as already mentioned the area just west of the river and south of BW. After you go south from town you will see a hill on the west side of the river. Just after that hill is a huge open area and I just ran around killing everything in the area and getting gatorweres to spawn at a fairly decent pace. Probably were spawning at a rate of about 10-12 per hour.


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