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Post by Ronson on Mon Jul 26, 2010 6:48 am

Elf Alchemist Quest Walkthroughs for Level 1-20

Level 1
Quest NPC: Silnea Aesiowe
Speak to Silnea Aesiowe, the guildmaster. You are instructed to go buy a thick blue uniform. Go to Initiate Firebringer and buy the thick blue uniform (for free of course). Return to Silnea Aesiowe and you will receive 430 xp

Level 2
Quest NPC: Silnea Aesiowe
When you are ready speak to Silnea Aesiowe. She will tel you to go to Elinos. The spiritmaster. After you have bound yourself Elinos will tell you go seek out coachman Thirtreel, once you have done so, return to Silnea. 2,200 exp

Level 3
Quest NPC: Silnea Aesiowe
Speak to Silnea Aesiowe, you be instructed to go talk to Venathorn whom you will find in his residence in the center courtyard that binds the guildshalls. Venathorn sends you out to go collect a damaged firefly wing and a tarantula leg tips from slaying sparkflies and spiderlings in the area just south of the courtyard. Return with the items to Venathorn to receive your reward. 6,900 exp and a scroll: Hardening agent.

Level 4
Quest NPC: Venathorn
Venathorn will need a few components. He sends you to collect a drained poison sac from the green snakes that dwell in the nearby forest and to purchase a set of burlap bracers that you can acquire from Tailor Sinthios. Once you have these items return to Venathorn to receive your reward, 17,000 exp and Venomguard Bracers.

Level 5
Quest NPC: Venathorn
Venathorn want to test your battle skills, there was a shipment of important components for experimentation with potions was stolen. Find the hatebone orc thief Grethmyrk the Shade, he is the culprit.

Note: Grethmyrk is at one of the hatebone orc camps near the road not to far from town. Follow the road out of town heading SE, till the roard curves to the left, continue heading SE between two hills till you see one of the hatebone orc camps. The mod is wondering around the area. Kill Grethmyrk and retun the stolen goods to Venathorn and collect your reward. EXP 36,500 and a Crude Refinement scroll.

Level 7
Quest NPC: Venathorn
Venrathorn needs a shalebone wolf pelt to continue his experiments. The shalebone wolf wanders the shores to the north. At level 7 the mob cons yellow to you. Watch out for aggressive high level mobs while hunting the shalebone wolf. Kill the mob and return the pelt to Venathorn to collect your reward EXP 157,474 Crude Sublimation scroll and Frostguard Boots.

Level 10
Starting NPC: Amelie
You will be asked to find two items and bring them to her.

Radiant Sunfly Wings are found on Sunflies in Thedruk. The sunflies are sort of close to the near side of the Thedruk tunnel, on a hilltop on the West side of the river, South of the bridge between Tethelin and Fayspires, and a bit North of the tunnel. They are also in a meadow on the East side of the river near the tunnel.

Pixie Nettle Wings are found on Pixie Nettles in Shon-To (SE). To get there, you must get through the Thedruk tunnel. You can use your invis potion, but a some of the mobs in the tunnel see through it so you will do some fighting there - bring a group. From the tunnel exit go due West, and the pixies are in a meadow in Shon-To (SE) at the base of the mountains. They are level 12.

It's a good idea to get the Moradhim coach, so you won't have to fight your way through the tunnel later. It will come in handy for your level 13 quest. From the tunnel exit head West through the valley to Moradhim (C). The town is mostly in a big cave, but the coach is outside.

Bring these items and she will send you to Venethorn in Fayspires for your reward. The reward for the quest is 528916 XP and an Alchemist Apprentice Staff.

Level 13
Starting NPC: Venethorn
He asks for a Green Lightning Wing from a Green Lightning Bug. He indicates they are by the Mindwhipper Hive, East of Fayspires, there is a mountain by the crosssroads there and they roam around the mountain, he says. The bugs glow green from the wings.

The hive is very near Kara Village. To get there go to the Fayspires coach then go ENE until you see a guard tower. Follow the road further East to the village. The hive is on the right side of the road just past the village. The green lightning bugs are on the ground by the tall gray hill on the left side of the road. They con yellow to a level 13. By the way farther down that road is Klik Anon, so it might be a good idea to grab the coach there.

Bring the wing to Venethorn and he then asks you to get some Red Burn Berries from Nindle Longsho in the Shon-To monestary. He will sell them for 225 tunar.

If you have the Moradihm coach go there, then run following the mountain toward the north east, past the big cave entrance, across the lake and to the monastery entrance, which is a tunnel. Otherwise, fight through the Thedruk tunnel again and head NW, following the mountains. Nindle is on the far side of town in the red building.

Your reward is 523785 XP and the Crude Quickening ability, which lets you make potions that give you Liquid Alacrity - they speed your movement.

Level 15
Quest NPC: Venethorn
He asks for a fang from a Forger Wolf in the Misty Thicket area to the SW, in the narrow passage that leads to the center of the forest. They roam near goblins, he says.

Misty Thicket seems hard to get to because of the mountains. The way I went was South to Thedruk, but not through the tunnel. Follow the mountains SE through Castle Feldstar SW and North Kithikor NW, N, and NE until they let you head due S, and then W again to the town. Go WSW from town and it gets you to Rivervale. Go through town and exit on the W side, picking up the coach there. To the W you enter the Misty Thicket zone.

You enter the Thicket from the NE, and the exit is at the SW, through a narrow mountain pass that starts by a goblin camp. The forger Wolf is along this path. It cons yellow to a 15.

Venethorn then asks you to go to Rivervale to talk to Anduon Twotoe. He is in the Inn where the Coachman is standing. Audron gives you some Yellowjack water. Bring it to Venethorn.

Your reward is 830764 XP and a Faulty Refinement spell, which lets you create a better draught potion (gives power at the cost of health), and a Robe of Wonders.

Level 20
Quest NPC: Venethorn
Get from Venethorn in Fayspires.

He says a Book of Solutions has fallen into the wrong hands. Mathew has it. He asks you to go to Kara Village to speak to Drindan Lightfoot, who is in the Inn on the second floor, for more information.

Drindan says Mathew is in the Collonridge Cemetery, sitting by a mushroom patch just inside the gates. We must get the book and bring it back to Drindan.

To get to the cemetery, you can run there from Kara, it is one zone to the Southeast. Or you can start from Klik Anon and leave through the South exit. Then go Southwest, just to the right of a tall hill to the start of a river, follow the river a few steps and you will see the castle to the South, in the (C) part of the zone. Its entrance is on the right side. It is, of course, full of undead. It's best to bring a group with a healer. Mathew is standing inside the entrance, toward the right. He is level 21, but others around are higher level. You can easily pull him alone, though. A good strategy is to pull him just outside the door, which is a safer area. Kill him and bring the book to Drindan. With a group he is easy, I soloed him at lvl 22.

Drindan tells you to return the book to Venethorn. He says he better keep the book locked up from now on, and would you like to run over to Trulen and get a Locking Book Safe? He is right next door. (In fact he is behind you.) The box costs 550 tunar. Bring it to Venethorn for your reward.

You receive 2814929 XP. You are asked to choose a path for the future. You may choose a mace and the Student's Knack spell, or receive a book and the Klick'Anon Cocktail spell. Student's Knack increases your power pool as well as your regeneration, whereas Klick'Anon Cocktail deals damage to a massive amount of enemies close by, he says. As alchemists are always running low on power, I chose the mace and Student's Knack spell. Also, a book sounded like a held item, and I don't think you can hold an item and still toss potions!


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